Karina Vazirova

Karina Vazirova

Founder of KV LABS, helping companies get the most out of technology.

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Hi there! My tech journey started in New York, 6 years ago, almost right after law school, when I joined Neota Logic as a solutions architect. Neota is a powerful no-code platform. There was only one at the time ;) I got to experience Neota's expansion hands on, building web-based applications and moving from New York to Melbourne, and then from Melbourne to London. I got to see LegalTech grow around the world and experiment with many use-cases for no-code app development. I also appreciated what it takes to sell software into law firms. In London, I joined ClauseMatch, a RegTech platform that helps banks manage high risk documentation. As Head of Product at ClauseMatch, I got to understand how technology can enable regulatory compliance. I led implementation and adoption of the platform at traditional banks like Barclays, as well as challengers like Revolut. I also appreciated (and truly enjoyed) all the challenges of product management and worked closely with sales and marketing. On technology side, I worked closely with the data science team and took an intensive data science course myself to incorporate what is possible into the solution. I also represented ClauseMatch at a charity chess tournament where I won against Garry Kasparov, but thats another story! Last year I founded a digital product agency KV LABS, where I help businesses get the most out of technology. My current focus is highly regulated, fast growing companies that are looking to optimise their compliance function with tech.